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Monday, April 23, 2007,1:41 AM
me, confused? I think not!
I know saying that am still considering getting married to a woman, probably raised eyebrows. The thing is, though I have accepted that I am gay, I am not a transsexual who would really want to become a woman, I am no a queen nor a drag. I am also not the type of gay who would rather be burned in hell than to be in bed with a woman. Let me repeat something I’ve already stated in a few of my posts. Though I am gay and I love boys/guys, I still get attracted to and aroused by women. And I am not, closing my doors to meeting some lady who might be worthy of marrying and spending my whole life with, and be happy.

Some gay people might say that this is silly, crazy even. Maybe some people might even think that I am just confused or still am confused, because staying in the closet is already robbing me of the opportunities to be happy and maybe even find some guy or gay guy who would love me for life. But at the moment, this is my stand, I don't think I am confused, I know who I am and I am just keeping my options open for now. I am not ready to come out of the closet, because it might close the door to the possibility of having relationship with women, and for some other reasons that I might divulge in some future post.

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by: leo
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