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Monday, April 23, 2007,1:37 AM
Gay Gene?
MGG also posted something about the ‘GAY GENE’.

Well, let me check my family tree…

Father side:
I don’t think my dad is gay, he is a bit like me (medyo mahinhin, maasikaso) but, I don’t think he is. He had an uncle who was gay though. Then none of my uncles is gay. And of my 16 cousins, 8 of whom belongs to the male species, only one’s sexuality is in question, that makes two in our generation. But then there is L, my female cousin who became a lesbo. So, make that 3.

Mother side:
My mom sometimes jokes that maybe she is a tomboy, because she has crushes on actresses and not on actors. But I don’t think so. She has 3 old maid aunts, 2 on her father side, and one on her mother side. My grandfather’s sisters didn’t seem to be lesbo’s, I guess their standards were just too high. My grandmother’s sister on the other hand, seems to be questionable. My mom’s brother was single for so long, that they sometimes think that he might be gay, but he go married last year. Then, none of my grown up cousins seem to be questionable, I don’t know about the younger ones, I’ve never met them.

My family tree indicates that there might be a genetic factor, on my father side, it somehow skipped a generation. On my mother side, people might have stayed single due to high standards, no one is really obvious, but we can never tell. Even I, have high standards, that have to be met before I marry a woman. You didn’t read wrong, and I hadn’t made a typo, one reason I am still in the closet is the fact that I am still considering getting married, if I can find someone good enough to marry. But with this ‘gay gene’, maybe I could contribute to the propagation of the gay population, at least if my children turns out to be gay, they’ll have an understanding father, who might even be able to help them find their true sexuality.

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