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Wednesday, April 18, 2007,9:16 PM
Homophobic si Insan
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As I have stated in my second post. I do not have internet access at home, I can only update my blog when I go to an internet café. That is why I type my posts on my pc at home and post them when I get the chance.

Here is another story that involves homophobia and a straight person.

Last holy Wednesday, I accompanied my mother to a church in Bukidnon, since we were bringing a vehicle, she invited some of her cousins along, my aunt a mormon, decided to join us with five of her kids. The church was crowded, my cousins began asking why there were so many people. We told them that it was a Mother of Perpetual Help Church, people come to make petitions, and this particular church is well-known for granting petitions, that most people in region X and other nearby areas, who are about to take board exams come here to pray and ask for blessings.

Most of my cousins sat silently, while the mass went on. The only guy about 20 y/o went out. After the gospel, I went out because I was so hot. My cousin approached me. Then asked me again, why there were so many people, I gave him the same answer. Then he said, “yung mga bakla, pumupunta dito, hinihingi siguro nilang maging babae.” After a while, he said, “siguro may bakla na, humiling dito na maging babae, after one year nagkatotoo nga, ‘yun pala nagpaopera.” Then everytime he sees a gay guy, he would say, “ayun pa isa hihiling maging babae.”

I could only surmise as to why my cousin comments that way. One is because of his faith, he is not a Catholic. And maybe it seems silly for him that people from far laces would go to a church because it is believed to grant petitions. But I think there is also a hint of homophobia, because a normal person would not openly say things like he said unless he hates gays to a certain level.

This also shows how narrow minded straight people can be of gays, somehow maybe because of the effem types, (I’m not blaming anyone, I am merely stating an observation) straight people think all gay guys want to become women.
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