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Wednesday, April 18, 2007,8:41 PM
I know the header looks like a vitamin/food supplement logo, but it is not... I got it from a Queer as Folk image.

I am a reader of manilagayguy.com, "MGG". It is because of mgg that I finally found the courage to buy the complete 5 seasons of QUEER as FOLK. I've been considering buying it for some time, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it. I even thought it was comedy, something like Will and Grace. When I finally bought it, I finished all 83 episodes in less than 10 days...

Queer as Folk has shown me the diversity of gay people. It was quite liberating to watch something that tackles a world that the society I grew up in has frowned upon for so long. And for a while, I felt like coming out... Because I realized there is nothing wrong with being gay, as Rustom Padilla said, "hindi ako masamang tao. Being gay does not define a person's worth, just like straight people, gay people have their own personalities, some gay people are even 'better' than straight ones.

I believe this, with all my heart, but in the society we live in, it is still not easy to come out and announce to the world that "I'm gay!" As there are a lot of people who still cannot understand why we exist, there are still people who believe that it is a disorder of some sort, that homosexuality is something bad, some people even think that it is a sin.

That is why, queer as I am. I am still in the closet, not having the courage to come out and show the world the real me. For now, I am content in knowing myself and accepting me for the person that I am.

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by: leo
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