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Wednesday, April 18, 2007,8:44 PM
As I have mentioned in my first post, I am still in the closet, and still am living with my parents. I have finished an engineering course, passed the board exam but at the moment I am taking up HRM as a second course.

My mom is over-protective. Maybe it is because she lost my brother due to leukemia when he was four. I had a curfew during college. And even now we (that is my older brother and me) are not allowed to drink or smoke. But I do, every now and then. But I’ve never tried drugs, and I have never been to a gay bar (for fear of being exposed).

For these reasons, I don’t have much access to gay materials, except for the very few items that I have found courage to buy. I have 2 M2M porn vcds and 1 dvd, viva hotmen and provoq vcds, I got last year’s cosmo 69 bachelors, and the Valentino issue with Chester Nolledo on the cover. That’s about it, and then there are the files I got from the internet; pictures from MGG and pictures and videos from miong21. I also have a copy of gay comedy movies, MANAY PO, and Another Gay Movie and my Queer as Folk dvds. Oh, I am 24 y/o by the way, and I don’t have an internet connection at home.

Due to the limited resources, I guess it will be seldom that I’d be posting pictures and videos of hunks. I am no writer, and I am not very confident with my English; but I am hoping that ‘blogging’ will help me by serving as an outlet of the queer thoughts that I have, I might even post in Tagalog every now and then. If only to avoid ‘he have a boyfriend’ moments.

I’d be posting things that come to mind, but the first few posts would be more of expressing my thoughts on some topics that manilagayguy has posted. I hope he doesn’t mind… as I won't mind being call a second rate trying hard copy cat!


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